Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Speaking of Pornography

Speaking of pornography, I watched this ( video for a sociology class last year. It's about the recent history of pornography in America. One of the points it tries to make is that it is hard to legally restrict pornography to community standards because, with the advent of technology (such as the internet and television) that lets everybody instantly broadcast their ideas to a national audience, we don't have any clearly defined community standards to start from. I also think that the sexual revolution in the 1960s also contributed to this lack of concrete national standards.
Chapter 5 of the documentary talks about how pornography producers are going to greater and greater extremes in porn, making movies showing things like rape. Do you think that this is due to the average pornography viewer being dulled by less extreme forms of pornography, or does it have some social or historical basis?
Also, in class professor Potter talked about how certain sexual positions and acts were considered taboo or inappropriate. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the missionary position was the only sex position the Catholic church deemed acceptable for a long time. Why this position? What is so special about it?
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-Ryan Brill

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